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A brand new season of Fíorscéal
Aliens Inside us
This programme centres around the work of a
microbiologist & her 2012 expedition to the Amazon.
Thursday @ 22:30


Fíorscéal brings a new season of top-class international documentaries that continue to throw a sometimes disturbing or controversial light on issues which affect us environmentally, socially, politically and globally.

Aliens Inside us – Thursday @ 22:30
Over a decade after scientists first decoded the human genome, they are learning that there is a lot more to being human than those 3 billion letters. In addition to all those microbial hitchhikers, more than half our genome is pocked with alien DNA-viruses, bacteria and parasites which inserted themselves over millions of years of evolution. This programme centres around the work of microbiologist Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello and her expedition to the Amazon in the summer of 2012.

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